What Libraries Mean to Me by Koko Nervelli

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Here is the next installment in our guest blogger series featuring published authors describing why they feel libraries are important! Why are libraries important to you? Tell us in the comments!


What Libraries Mean To Me

By Author Koko Nervelli

I was seven years of age when I received my first library card. I could not believe they were going to trust me to remove a book from those hallowed halls. I remember cuddling the book like a newborn baby, making certain to protect it from harm.

That was many years ago and now, I am an author. Sometimes I can’t believe that I am holding my own book in my hands. What a privilege it is to put my thoughts down on paper for the world to read! My name is Koko Nervelli, which is my Native American name that honors my heritage. It means Joyful Night Water Child.

A lot of my writing ties into my ancestry research, whether directly mentioned in the book or not. I have spent many hours in libraries, searching for information. Often times, the mounds of data are overwhelming, but not to worry! There is usually an expert on hand that helps to guide me through the maze of family history. For this, I am extremely grateful.

My writing style is described as Southern Charm with Quirky Humor. I always include Life Lessons in my creative works. When I finished my first book, I went to my local library for guidance. They provided the information I needed to properly classify my category, along with other helpful hints I knew nothing about. I knew the difference between fact and fiction, however my book of fiction was based on fact. Their expertise helped to launch me into my career, armed with knowledge. That book became the first in my “At Home Series.”

My best seller has been Beans and Greens. This collection features a variety of short stories about southern foods and traditions. The reader experiences a wide range of emotions…from a hilarious conversation between two old men at a cafe about whether pintos or white beans are best…to a touching story about a young man who must fill his father’s shoes to provide for the family.

I yearned to move outside of my comfort zone, so I created my “Metaphysical Murder Mysteries.” I enjoyed the process of conjuring up characters from my imagination instead of relying on personal experience. Since that time, I have written books that have honored my hometown and local volunteer firefighters, donating a portion of the sales to charities. I like to “Pay It Forward.”

I must give kudos to the White County Library here in Sparta, Tennessee. Last year, I had a book signing scheduled at our local bookstore. When tragedy struck and the store burned down, only days before my signing, my library stepped up to help. They offered available space to authors, and even collected books from the community in order to help the bookstore owner rebuild her business. It was a true “Pay It Forward” story in action.

From allowing me the privilege to borrow a book as a child…

Guiding me through the maze of ancestry research in my youth…

Advising me with helpful suggestions to benefit my business as an author…

To opening their arms to serve their community…

Libraries are precious to me!


Author Koko Nervelli has been described as “southern charm with a quirky sense of humor.” She “tells it like it is” with blunt honesty that has touched the heart of many readers. Her goal is to inspire the reader to believe they can conquer any fear and live a happy life. Koko’s characters are normal people who overcome unusual obstacles. They will become a part of your family when you read about them. Heck, they might even describe your family. Just saying…Whatever your background, Koko Nervelli will grab your heart and never let it go!

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