What Libraries Mean to Me by Danna Walters

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What Libraries Mean to Me

By Guest Author Danna Walters

We all have things that remind us of our childhood. Like the first time you walk down an elementary school hall as an adult. Maybe going to the state fair, or eating peanuts at a baseball game take you back. It might be as simple as taking your own child to see Santa.

Libraries take me back, not just to my childhood, but my whole life. I have always loved to read. My family moved a lot while I was growing up. Reading helped me endure the long, cramped car rides across states. One of the first things my mom always did in each new town is take us to the library to get our new cards.

The library was a much loved constant in my life. The seemingly endless shelves, the smell of the books, the familiar stories, and even the friendly librarians were familiar. The library made me feel at home in every town we moved to, as well as every new school.

In my family getting your library card is a right of passage. The children are so proud to get to check out their own books by themselves. That little library card provided instant responsibility in my children.

I love the library and all its activities. They take me right back to my childhood, and it being free meant a lot to me as a young mother. I encourage all young mothers to take your children to the library. You never know what it may inspire!


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