The Magic of Libraries by Ashlen Brown

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The latest installment of the guest author library series comes to us from Ashlen Brown! Don’t forget, the Half-Price Library Store Sale is still going on now until February 6. What a great time to stock your shelves!


The Magic of Libraries

By Ashlen Brown

One of my first book memories is going to my elementary school library and picking out a book, any book I wanted, and checking it out.  It was hard for me to realize that I could read any book I wanted and bring it back for another, and another, and another.  I walked through the aisles, my eyes straining to stop on a book here and there and settle in to find the perfect book.  When I did, I was thrilled, and I felt so grown up taking my prize to the librarian and checking it out.  That joy hasn’t changed for me.  Every time I walk into a library, I am overwhelmed by the choices.  I take a few minutes wandering the aisles, getting my bearings, and deciding what I want.  The smell of books always brings out memories and a certain cozy feeling, and I can picture myself curled up on the couch with my latest loot.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a home full of books.  My mom bought us books as kids, and my dad was always reading something interesting or fun.  For a long time, my home was my library.  Until I was in elementary school, I didn’t realize the joys of the library.  Libraries are almost magical places, brimming with information and entertainment.  Thinking back to my childhood, libraries are places where imagination and creativity are fostered and encouraged.  Libraries teach respect, a sense of self-education, responsibility, and punctuality.  It’s a good place to start learning these things, where the prize is something so fun yet so worthwhile.  They also offer a sense of community.  Everyone there is after something similar—information or entertainment.  They’re there to grab that perfect reading material and learn something new.

In my college years, I found my local library to be a place of comfort.  My study group and I would meet there, share information, and brainstorm, all with the necessary information right at our fingertips.  Not only are there the old stand-by references, but now they offer the Internet, so our limits are only our imaginations.

Now, as an adult, I’ve pretty much started my own library.  I have shelves of fiction and shelves of textbooks from my college days and references books of all kinds.  It’s nice to have all of that right in my own home, ready for that split-second required fact or to plunge into an adventure for a few days that no movie can truly capture.  For me, libraries will always be an important part of my life.


Ashlen Brown is the author of the Blackjack Woods series which includes The Secret of Blackjack Woods, The Secret of Hoke Farm, and Beyond Blackjack Woods.  She holds a master’s degree in forensic science and biomedical sciences, but writing is what keeps her up late into the night.  Her amazingly adventurous childhood in the deep woods of Southeast Texas inspires much of her stories.

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