Alpha Centauri

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Book Review by Pamela Clark


Alpha Centauri

Written by Robert Siegel

Becky’s father accepts a job in London and he asks her to come along.  Off to London they go.  While visiting a farm she and her new friend Rebecca the horse find the “Eye of the Fog” and are carried back in time.  She finds herself in a place where the centaurs are facing extinction.

Becky realizes she has been taken to this place for a reason and that is to save the centaurs.  She and her horse Rebecca face many challenges and find themselves in difficult and dangerous situations.  All of this becomes almost overwhelming for the young girl.  But she realizes it is her responsibility to open the Path to the Stars which is the only hope for the centaur’s survival.

This is a wonderfully written fantasy novel and is almost believable; I found this book let my imagination run wild.  It was easy to ready and could be enjoyed by young adults.

The author Robert Siegel was born and raised in the Midwest.  One of his most notable works is the award-winning children’s fiction trilogy, Whalesong.


Alpha Centauri

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